The Importance Of Preventive Care In Maintaining Good Oral Health
By Zbaraschuk Dental Care P.S.
August 09, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Protecting your smile starts with an excellent preventive care regimen. Dr. E. Richard Zbaraschuk, who practices general dentistry at preventative dentistryZbaraschuk Dental Care in Sequim, WA, explains how you can keep your smile strong and healthy.


Make oral hygiene a priority, not an afterthought

When you're busy or tired, it's tempting to quickly run a toothbrush over your teeth instead of brushing thoroughly. Unfortunately, you might not remove every speck of plaque if you don't spend at least two minutes on the task. Plaque is responsible for cavities and can also cause gum disease if it turns into a hard deposit called tartar.


Brushing twice a day removes plaque and prevents it from hardening into tartar. Soft-bristled brushes offer the safest way to clean your teeth. Using medium bristles or pushing too hard on the brush can erode your tooth enamel and damage your gums. At least once a day, either before of after you brush, floss between teeth to remove plaque.


Protect your teeth

Do you open packages with your teeth when a pair of scissors isn't available? Using your teeth as a tool, gnawing on ice cubes or chomping on hard nuts or pretzels can crack or fracture your teeth. Stopping these habits will help protect your teeth. In addition to staying away from the hard stuff, there are a few other things you can do to keep your teeth healthy, such as:


  • Eating a Healthy Diet: The foods you eat play a part in your oral health. For example, foods that contain vitamin C reduce free radical damage and can lower your gum disease risk, while foods and beverages high in calcium keep your teeth strong.
  • Stay Away from Sweets: Eating sugary foods and carbohydrates increase your tooth decay risk. Choose healthier snacks or avoid sweets and carbs altogether. If you do enjoy an occasional piece of candy, choose a type you can eat quickly, rather than sticky candies that may remain on your teeth longer than you may realize.

Schedule regular dental visits

Regular dental visits and cleanings in our Sequim office help you avoid tooth decay and other oral health problems. Cleanings are particularly important because they remove plaque and tartar before they can damage your teeth. Visiting every six months is an excellent way to improve your oral health and protect your smile.


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