Oral-Systemic Health

Oral-Systemic Health in Sequim, WA

When you think about your health you may often think about things like protecting yourself from the common cold or getting the immunizations you need to prevent yourself against certain life-threatening illnesses. Perhaps you don’t often think about your oral health, but remember that both your systemic and your oral health are interconnected, meaning that they both affect one another in ways you probably never even realized.

Here at Zbaraschuk Dental Care, we have a genuine dedication to the link between your oral and general health. Through this attention to the oral-systemic condition, we can provide thorough dental services that offer ideal results for the whole body. Proper dentistry and maintaining good oral hygiene doesn’t just mean a healthy smile, it also means a healthy body.

So, how are your smile and the rest of your body connected? Studies have discovered that having gum disease could also increase your chances of developing certain health problems such as diabetes, stroke or heart disease. There is a connection between these health issues and we can easily detect any changes to the gums that might actually be a telltale sign of other systemic problems during your next routine checkup. This is one reason these routine dental cleanings and exams are so very important to your oral health.

Certain lifestyle habits can also play a role in both your oral and general health. Take smoking, for example. Smoking can increase your risk for decay, gum disease, implant failure, and oral cancer. Since tobacco can increase your chances of irritated and infected gums, you can also imagine that it could possibly increase your chances of developing other long-term health problems like heart disease, as well. Ditching the habit is one surefire way to protect the health of not only your gums but the rest of your body, as well.

Did you also know that your dentist can help you with snoring and sleep apnea? This sleep disorder is surprisingly common and can put you at risk for other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure if left untreated. Fortunately, through oral appliance therapy, your dentist can help you manage your symptoms effectively.

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